You are Indorii if...

Someone said it true " शहर वो जो घर बन जाये,  जहाँ अजनबी भी दोस्त बज जाये  " It is true for my city Indore. Indoriis are born with a XXXL sized heart which contains only love, faith and friendship
I am proud of myself that I am an Indorii not only from body but from soul also. I equally respect culture and traditions of other cities but Indore is somewhat close to my heart. I am 22  years old and all these years each and every dawn bought me close to the soul of Indore. Its OK that Indore is a small town, the point is that it is a peaceful city and people here are blessed with fun and frolic. 
There is a proverb for Indoriis  " खावा ने खाचरोद जाये".  People here are foodaholic and can travel a long distance just for a good taste.
Below is a collection of some points which are some common traits of an Indorii and proves that the person belongs from Indore

You are an Indorii if ...

Your Morning starts with hot and spicy Usal Phoha with jalebi. 

    Instead of saying "hi/hello"  to your friend you say "और भिया क्या हाल" or "भिया राम"  
    You have an Opinion on each and every topic, in short you are "रायचंद"
You get an uncomfortable feeling if not visited sarafa or 56 dukan at least twice a week
You take your newly bought vehicle to Khajarana Mandir.
On a tour to another State or abroad, keep atleast half kg of "Sev" and some "Jirawan" just to increase the taste of the food you eat  
Instead of watching movies in big and comfortable multiplexes, you watch movie in Regal, Kastoor and Manmadir talkies 

You take out your car Scratch free from traffic of  "Jawahar Marg"

Celebrate each and every festival with equal joy and happiness  

Each and every celebration ends up after a huge gathering at Rajwada

You are good at heart, unbiased and enjoy every aspect your life, spread happiness, love and taste wherever you go in the world.

I can say it loud and clear
"भिया अपन तो इन्दोरी है "
 " Indore mere jaan " 


Purest Bond. . . A short story :)

C'mon kids; come down stairs we are getting late for the school. . .
They are twins, a boy and a girl. They got in the car & mom dropped them, and they reached school just 3 minutes earlier, when the gate was supposed to be closed. . .
 A couple of words they shared with mom,, as she wont be able to pick them back today, after the school so they have to manage with the neighbors aunt to come back home.. And finally they kissed their mom and had a good bye!!
They both went in their respective classes, as they were in different sections.

Some hours latter. . . .
                       The bell rang for the break, and he came out to approach her in the play ground, at the place where they use to have their lunch together,daily. Strange.....where is she?? All her friend were out only she was missing in them.
What happened to her??
 Why she is not out today??
There had been times, when he was late to come to play ground but she use to be on time always!!
Where is she....... ohhh GOD???

And many several questions were kicking in his mind,, friends- class teacher, nobody knows where is she??
He ran upstairs in a single breathe, to look her in the class room...and here she is...thank GOD!!
But, what happened??
Her face was red, and it seems to be if she'd cried for a long??

What happened?? He asked while wiping out her tears, kissed her, hugged her to make his sis. alright.... But she continued crying??
Can you please tell me, what is the reason behind your cry??
Somebody broke my water bottle, my brother :( , it was my favorite among all mamma had bought for me. (She loves tweety a lot, and the water bottle had a sticker with the moods of tweety- the cartoon character.)

I'll bring you another one, please don't cry my dolly. I can't see you cry. Though, at times I fight with you but this takes my heart away. Believe me, I'll bring a new water bottle before the day ends.
Yes,, I do my lil'sis.
And they had there lunch, and came home latter in the evening. Changed dress & had some snacks and this was the time to play.

Hurreeeeyyyyyy,, He shouted!!
You go my bro.. I'm not feeling well today. I'll stay at home.
Do you really think,, I'll go out with friends while leaving you alone here??

But, my water bottle broke down today :( :( she shouted...
(And tears again busted out from her eyes,, this time louder than before).
 He was successful to make her alright somehow, and took an excuse from her & went out.... and he was back again in a while with a bag, and an appearance of something in it.

He took her hand and said- come with me.....
But where are we going??
That's none of your business... my cutie piee.... Juz come with me....

They locked the house, he took his bicycle out and asked her to sit behind.
Where are we going, brother??
It's a surprise for you, just sit with me and I'll bring your happiness back....
And he started, but they are not moving on the way to playground???

Bhaiyya, we are on the wrong track. The play ground was on the right hand and you took a left.
He didn't answered anything this time, and she can read his mind that something was going on, in it!! 
He stopped in front of a shop, parked his bicycle there.... she was quite, and very surprised. He went inside and she kept following him.

He opened his bag, took his Piggy bank  out and placed it in front of the shopkeeper.
His eyes moved around and locked in a while.... He pointed his finger on the same water bottle, and asked the shopkeeper if he can buy it..with all he had in his piggy bank??
The shopkeeper returned the piggy bank to the boy after taking the amount of water bottle.

He turned around. she was quite still??
He stepped forward and before he could say anything she hugged him tightly.... This time tears have a miracle in them, as some thing magical happened to her.

(Still holding him tightly.)
I know you've collected all this coins to bring a new toy car, and you sacrificed your happiness to see me smile :) . This was the best thing someone ever did for me.
And she moved a little back to kiss him,, But what she saw was ironical. This time he was crying louder than her and before she could understand anything he said-

I can't see tears in your eyes, you are the best gift GOD had blessed me with. You have shared all my joys & sorrows either it was the first day of school or when mom shouted on me, when we returned home late after playing. You were with me every moment, you are my best friend, my dolly.
And it hurts me a lot when i see you cry. I can do anything to see this cute smile on your face.... :) And she hugged him back again....

And they went back home, with all tears replaced with joy they shared some moments before...

Some Relations can never be replaced........ They get stronger, by the warmth of every time they stay together......

Thank you.... GOD,, that you've blessed me with an elder brother.... & Thank him too..... for every time he supported,, wiped my tears and helped me to bring my smile back.... :)



/// कल सपने में देखा था तुझे. . . ///

//// कल सपने में देखा था तुझे ////

दुनिया से दूर
उस तेज बारिश मे खुद को छुपा कर,,
हालात से मजबूर
आँसुओं से अपनी आँखें भिगोकर,,
एक पेड़ के नीचे
खुद को समेटता  हुआ. . .
कल सपने में देखा था तुझे//

जिसे है अपने नाम से प्यार बहुत,,
और दुनिया को  जीतने की अलग सी  चाहत//
जो है अपनों  में मशहूर बहुत
और दोस्तों के  दिलों की राहत//
खुद ही  को ठुकराता,
और नाम को खुद के  मिटटी  मे बिगड़ता . . .
कल सपने में देखा था तुझे//

था कोई तो  अंतर सा,,
उन  आँसू  और बारिश के  पानी मे//
एक अलग  सी कशिश  थी  तेरी सीरत,,
और उस  लड़की  की  कहानी  में//
आँखें और मायूस चेहरा,,
तेरी ही परछाई को नकारता. . . 
कल सपने में देखा था तुझे//

खुल उठी आँखें
और ना रोक  पाया मैं खुद को,,
क्या जानता हु मैं तुझे ??

जो सूरत  तुने  दुनिया  को है दिखाई,,
और जो हे सच में चेहरा तेरा  
क्या पेहेंचाता हूँ मैं उसे??

क्यों  बता  ना  पाईं तू  मुझे,,
जब हूँ  मैं  हमेशा साथ तेरे. . .

है  यकीन  मुझे, जो देखा बंद आंखों से मेंने
क्योंकि खुद ही के कफ़न को फूलों से  सजाते. . .
कल सपने में देखा था तुझे//

~ ~ ~ नूपुर ~ ~ ~


Its called "Mindset"

When I was in school, I had a visit to a local zoo. I was astonished by the fact that a huge big elephant was held only by a rope tied to its leg. It was obvious that elephant could, at anytime, break away from the ropes it was tied to but for some reason it did not. I saw a trainer nearby and asked why this huge animal just stood there and made no attempt to get away.
The trainer said "when elephants are very young and much smaller we use the same size rope to tie them and at that age, it's enough to hold them. As they grow up, they think that this rope can still hold them, so they never try to break it"

This powerful and gigantic animal can anytime break free from their bonds but because they believe that they couldn't,  they were struck right where they were and have limited its present abilities by the limitations of its past

Like elephants many of us go through life holding onto a belief that we cannot do something, simply because we failed at it earlier in life. Many of us refuse to attempt something new and challenging because of our "MINDSET"  ?

At first attempt we may fail, but we must not fail to give it a second, third or fourth try until we succeed.If at first you don't succeed "TRY AGAIN, TRY AGAIN"



If you want to change your mood
Call a best Friend

If you want to run away from this hi-tech world
Go and take a “Walk”

If you want to motivate yourself
Watch a “Biographical Movie”

If you want to act foolish
Please taste a “200 Rupees coffee”

If you want to dream big
Go and stand in front of Hotel Taj

If you want to be healthy
Eat Mamma's Food

If you want to be expressive
Start writing a Diary

If you want to love
Own a Pet not a girlfriend

If you want to see something very funny
Go and watch Tom and Jerry

If you want to punish yourself
Then try Engineering

If you want to explore somebody’s imagination
Read a fictional Novel

If you want to see your juniors earn more than you
Then enter BPO

If you want to smell the air of development
Pay a visit to Gujrat

If you want to think something original
Go and watch Theatre

If you want to die for country
Join Army

If you want to.......