"Don't know which place it is, filled with awesome red light as it is some kind of place in heaven, a pleasant chocolaty smell was around and full of clouds, suddenly a girl in a pink dress appeared in front of me, she was very charming and full of joy, her eyes were big which suited her sweet innocent face. She gave a sweet little smile to me and was moving towards me slowly, she was very close to me , smiling put a sweet kiss on my cheek and was approaching my lips...."

"TI NI TIN TIN , TINI TIN TIN , TINI TIN TIN TIN....."  and that damn, stupido , small useless box which we called CELLPHONE buzzed, waking me up , this was Raj, this time , one of my best friend , I picked up the call "HEY ! its 9:30 in the morning already , and we have to reach the class by 10:15, be fast I am standing outside your room, be fast"

This dreams haunted me for the 5th time this month , and I don't know why ?

Today is our first tuition for ADC  , because it pissed us off during the mid-sems, and therefore we decided to have a coaching for it.
These days coaching classes are flooded with dumb students like me , who first bunks college and then join coaching classes for such subjects.
I made it in a hurry brushed my teeth,  put a tee-jeans , applied deo and gel ,combed hairs and was ready to rock the class.
"BKL  , why don't you wake up early in the morning !"
"Just chill dude , we are on time "

Finally we made into the class 5 minutes before the teacher came. I took as usual the last row and Raj found some place for himself at the first row.
As I was yawning at my place , suddenly a girl knocked the door , as she came inside the class room , I was stunned , she was the same girl , I saw in my dream.
Same dress , same innosense , lips shining , could smell her essence from a distance too.
She was searching for a place for herself , I quickly rearranged my self and made a place for her near me. Here eyes met mine and she gave me a small smile and came to seat near me.
"Aaj 1st class hi hai naa ?" she questioned me,
"Yups !" I said
"So, whats your name ?"
"JOY. and yours" I asked her name.
wow what a name, I thought
And the class began and believe me  was more boring than college class which made me yawn and sleepy again.
"Very boring . Isn't it ?"
"Hu... ! ya ..."
"from which college you are?"
"VIST and u"
"I am from SAMT"
"Feeling bored ?" she asked
"ya ! very "
"Wanna play 0 X ?" she asked me as she was also felling the same
"yes lets start.But you have to give me a party if you lost and I will do the same if I lost "
"its oky ! but where " she asked
"hmm... let me think....."  after a pause "what about MacD ?"
"OK... lets start..."

The first game started and I was the winner. She was a bit sad therefore I started loosing each game we played after that, and her happiness increased more and more after her each victory
I don't know what happened to me I was totally lost in her smile
"PARTY !!!!" she said it in such am excitement that the faculty which was teaching threw both of us out of the class.
"So ! are you ready to give me a treat ?"
"yes .."
It started raining as we left coaching , she was on the pillion seat on my bike and as rain began she came more closer to me and her hand was on my shoulder , felt like I am dreaming .
We reached MacD , drenched in water , I asked what she would like to have.
"Anything u want , its your treat." she said it in her sweet voice..
"I went to give the order, and when I came I was surprised to see something strange..."

There was a red rose and a greeting card left on the table and Priya was seen nowhere around.
I put the plate on the table and noticed that card , it was saying I love you and a letter too
It contained following words...

"I saw you 1st at open campus placements in your college and was in love with you from that day only, I started gathering information abut you from everywhere and found that you will join a coaching class for ADC therefore I also came there just to say a few words to you and that words are I LOVE YOU . If you also love me meet me at the Terrace of this building ."

I reached there , and she was standing there only and damn gorgeous she was looking in rain, her cloths hugged her because of rain water and it was still raining cats and dogs. There was no one around.  Her lip gloss was vanished , all make up done was washed off and believe me she was looking more gorgeous than before same as the girl in my dream
I went close to her
"Hey ! do you mean what you have written ?"
"Yes .. I do  " She said in a very low voice
"I love you too. and you are my dream which became reality"

She came closer to me more closer , I was raining already and the rain water slided from her cheeks made her look even more prettier than before..

She kissed my forehead then eyes and slowly came to lips....and this was my first kiss that too in the rain....
And I was in LOVE.

DISCLAMER :- The story stated above is pure fiction and have no relation with any living or dead person.