This is my first attempt at English Poetry and I am dedicating this poem to one on my loveliest friend . I won't name her here.


A friend of mine
Great and divine..
Just like an old Wine

Bold and beautiful...
Just like teacher of my old school

Even in tough times
Makes me feel good,
Just like holidays in childhood. 

Becomes my medicine, when I am ill
just like a pill

teases me , pleases me , fights with me but makeup again

when I cry ,
She is my shoulder,
when I am dry
she is my water....

A friend Of mine...
Great and divine.....
Great and divine...

Dear Friend,
You deserve it .


Dream come true !!

"Don't know which place it is, filled with awesome red light as it is some kind of place in heaven, a pleasant chocolaty smell was around and full of clouds, suddenly a girl in a pink dress appeared in front of me, she was very charming and full of joy, her eyes were big which suited her sweet innocent face. She gave a sweet little smile to me and was moving towards me slowly, she was very close to me , smiling put a sweet kiss on my cheek and was approaching my lips...."

"TI NI TIN TIN , TINI TIN TIN , TINI TIN TIN TIN....."  and that damn, stupido , small useless box which we called CELLPHONE buzzed, waking me up , this was Raj, this time , one of my best friend , I picked up the call "HEY ! its 9:30 in the morning already , and we have to reach the class by 10:15, be fast I am standing outside your room, be fast"

This dreams haunted me for the 5th time this month , and I don't know why ?

Today is our first tuition for ADC  , because it pissed us off during the mid-sems, and therefore we decided to have a coaching for it.
These days coaching classes are flooded with dumb students like me , who first bunks college and then join coaching classes for such subjects.
I made it in a hurry brushed my teeth,  put a tee-jeans , applied deo and gel ,combed hairs and was ready to rock the class.
"BKL  , why don't you wake up early in the morning !"
"Just chill dude , we are on time "

Finally we made into the class 5 minutes before the teacher came. I took as usual the last row and Raj found some place for himself at the first row.
As I was yawning at my place , suddenly a girl knocked the door , as she came inside the class room , I was stunned , she was the same girl , I saw in my dream.
Same dress , same innosense , lips shining , could smell her essence from a distance too.
She was searching for a place for herself , I quickly rearranged my self and made a place for her near me. Here eyes met mine and she gave me a small smile and came to seat near me.
"Aaj 1st class hi hai naa ?" she questioned me,
"Yups !" I said
"So, whats your name ?"
"JOY. and yours" I asked her name.
wow what a name, I thought
And the class began and believe me  was more boring than college class which made me yawn and sleepy again.
"Very boring . Isn't it ?"
"Hu... ! ya ..."
"from which college you are?"
"VIST and u"
"I am from SAMT"
"Feeling bored ?" she asked
"ya ! very "
"Wanna play 0 X ?" she asked me as she was also felling the same
"yes lets start.But you have to give me a party if you lost and I will do the same if I lost "
"its oky ! but where " she asked
"hmm... let me think....."  after a pause "what about MacD ?"
"OK... lets start..."

The first game started and I was the winner. She was a bit sad therefore I started loosing each game we played after that, and her happiness increased more and more after her each victory
I don't know what happened to me I was totally lost in her smile
"PARTY !!!!" she said it in such am excitement that the faculty which was teaching threw both of us out of the class.
"So ! are you ready to give me a treat ?"
"yes .."
It started raining as we left coaching , she was on the pillion seat on my bike and as rain began she came more closer to me and her hand was on my shoulder , felt like I am dreaming .
We reached MacD , drenched in water , I asked what she would like to have.
"Anything u want , its your treat." she said it in her sweet voice..
"I went to give the order, and when I came I was surprised to see something strange..."

There was a red rose and a greeting card left on the table and Priya was seen nowhere around.
I put the plate on the table and noticed that card , it was saying I love you and a letter too
It contained following words...

"I saw you 1st at open campus placements in your college and was in love with you from that day only, I started gathering information abut you from everywhere and found that you will join a coaching class for ADC therefore I also came there just to say a few words to you and that words are I LOVE YOU . If you also love me meet me at the Terrace of this building ."

I reached there , and she was standing there only and damn gorgeous she was looking in rain, her cloths hugged her because of rain water and it was still raining cats and dogs. There was no one around.  Her lip gloss was vanished , all make up done was washed off and believe me she was looking more gorgeous than before same as the girl in my dream
I went close to her
"Hey ! do you mean what you have written ?"
"Yes .. I do  " She said in a very low voice
"I love you too. and you are my dream which became reality"

She came closer to me more closer , I was raining already and the rain water slided from her cheeks made her look even more prettier than before..

She kissed my forehead then eyes and slowly came to lips....and this was my first kiss that too in the rain....
And I was in LOVE.

DISCLAMER :- The story stated above is pure fiction and have no relation with any living or dead person.



Love at first sight ...Unspoken ...

CHem 7:05 PM ,
It was my first GD class of the week when I noticed her . Long red kurti , sparkling very much like bright shining rays were coming directly from moon making me rub my eyes again and again to have a clear view, but I still managed somehow to see her .
Hairs were medium sized , suited her persona very well, Sparkling eyes had something in them that I could not take my eyes off her. Milky white skin was an added quality that made me crazy about her.
GD started and the topic was something about Graduation should be made compulsory to fight elections , but who cared about it because I was busy in staring and analyzing her beauty , GD started and for starting  30-40 seconds no one uttered a word so as I , untill a girl besides me started , her voice gave me a sudden shock and I suddenly felt that I was sitting in a GD class. When she spoke , her innocence rained out heavily and when she was finished , I was not able to oppose her and sat like a dumbo again , staring at her.
The GD continued till 7:20 PM and we were set free at 7:30 PM.

At the first sigh only I was mad over her.
Their is a dialog in some movie
And it was the first thing came into my mind after the class and I was in love for the first time.

I followed her to the exit but was not able to speak to her just of fear or you can say it anything.
I took my bike from parking and went slowly just lost in her thoughts and planned to talk to her the next day.

Next day arrived and I was there in the class 10 minutes before the time waited for her , but as soon she entered I was again in a big trouble , and don't know what happened to me that I was unable to speak to her again.
Hopefully that class was an introduction class so every student came one by one and introduced themselves , I also went but more than intros of others I was interested in her introduction . As she came , she started with her name and I came to know about her name "SHRADHA" which suited her personality , she was from (*****) college of Engineering and was not from Indore . She told many other things about her , but I was busy staring her again.
That day too I was not able to gather much courage to speak to her , don't know why.

This happened every day , she came I stared her and she went until when I came to know that her classes are over and she won't come from now onwards.
It disheartened me as in few days she became my reason to smile , laugh and enjoy.

I am still waiting for her , and hope that she would be back to me ..........






kuch ne kuch kaha,
kyunki kuch mujhe kuch jante hain,
aur kuch ne kuch nahi kaha,
kyonki kuch mujhe kuch nahi jante hain....!
kuch ne kuch kahkar bhi kuch nahi kaha,
aur kuch ne kuch nahi kah kar bhi kuch kaha.
kuch ko kuch bolo to kuch aur samajhte hain
kuch ko kuch bhi na bole to kuch samjhate hain,
is kuch me kuch barbad ho gaye,
is kuch me kuch aabad ho gaye,
Kuch nahi jankar bhi sab jante hain,
kuch jankar bhi kuch nahi jante hai........!




badal jayenge ye log,
badal jayega ye zamana.
par ni badlega ye nachiz
ni badlega dost purana.

badal jayegi ye sama,
badal jayega ye fikrana.
par ni badlega ye shaks,
ni badlega mera muskana.

badal jayegi ye shakal,
badal jayega ye afsana.
par ni badlega ye pagal,
ni badlega ye ashiyana.

badal jayenge ye pal,
badal jayegi ye shabana.
par ni badlega ye kambakht,
ni badlega iska tarana.....




    Few years ago when we passed 12th class and put our first step into graduation, it was engineering field that we selected. We waited for this day eagerly, had 1000s of dreams in our eyes . At that time we were full of enthusiasm, energy and lots of positive thinking.
Watching latest movies was the priority over the boring lectures and we could do anything for a bunk a whole day out with friends. We had freedom and there was no limit for our fun and masti. Weekends were eagerly awaited as we could sleep as much as we can. College was a place for us to share our secrets with unknown strangers known as friends. Frequent trips, outings and bunks were common and Google map was a new GUIDE helped in finding new places. Assignment was a new word added to our dictionary. Bag was full of incomplete assignments to be completed in the library and canteen but never succeeded to complete them and submitted it as it is. Files were full of red marks saying INCOMPLETE. Computers, Laptops and pen drives were full of suspicious files and password protected folders to be showed to a few friends.  Time tables were created and destroyed every day. Every night we thought that now it is enough, I will study from tomorrow onwards and as morning approached same careless routine carried on and we enjoyed that attitude too.
Couples were seen around in corner seats of multiplexes and empty class rooms. Every single enjoyed their freedom and every couple enjoyed their love. We had multiple sim cards each having better scheme than others.
Night outs , Bunks , Beers, parties, sutta, assignments, Ragging, proxy, Orkut, Facebook, GT, pattha  etc  were common words to be heard in the campus. At that time we had no fear of future, enjoyed every moment of college life. Having lunch in the middle of the lecture and passing comments in between was just like a habit. Calling friends with weird names and linking names with almost every girl in the college.
If we failed in couple of subjects and get AT/KT , friend’s condolence and if passed first division Friend’s abuses and then partying were the most precious moments then. Silly fights with professors just for friends and arguing with them for no reason.
We did not merely live with each other, we lived for each other.
 We never knew that this all is temporary, and slowly we all turned into philosophers as the days came to end,  as time moved on we came to the last Semester of Engineering, now our priority from latest movie is changed to Company Placements and Future is the biggest nightmare for us. No more outings and bunks instead preparation for MBA/MTech/GRE/Campus… is going on. Now the question “WHATS NEXT?” criticize us to do something for our college, Friends, parents. Project is seen very seriously. Computer, laptop, pen drives are full of DOC files of Resume, emails are checked more frequent instead of facebook and orkut. Tension of future is on. Night outs only means a serious study, no more parties, proxies, GTs.
Many unforgettable memories left behind, who will screw my head and follow me wherever I go, who will eat my Tiffin without asking me, who will comment me when I will talk to a girl, who will sleep at back benches of class, who will sit and bear 3 boring hours in examination room.
Some lines which will never be heard
“college aa raha hai na ?”
“kaha hai ? Canteen”
“kitta hua? Mere to watt lagi padi hai..kuch ni pada”
“abe kismet se padhu kuch samajh hi nai aa raha”
And the best one
“yaar tere friend se setting karwa de …”

We didn’t bothered to keep a record of thousands of rupees and from now onwards it will be a fight for a single penny
Just in a few short years, we are back at the crossroads of our career. A few years on and life has come full circle. Remembering is our celebration, moving on is our silent tribute to it. Despite our failures, we are grateful since we know it could have been much worse. Now everyone amongst us can proudly say that “I AM AN ENGINEER”

Ye pal yuhi gujar jayega.....
Waqt kaha humare liye tehar payega...
Lamho se bhare in palo mein duriyo ka pal kaise samayega...
Pyaar ke khatir naye tohfo kharidna,usi pyaar ke liye dosto se ladna
College ke naam par canteen jana ,Roz naye bahane dekar lecture na jana
Yaro se zhagadna aur manana ,unki choti si taklif ko bhi dil se lagana
Kaha se launga ye pal ,kaha se launga vo waqt?
Ye pal yuhi .....

Pechle bench par ki vo mastiya ,Attendence na hone par teacher ki galiya
PL's mein shuru karna padhai,Result na ane par dena university ko duhai.
Sikha aur samjha bahot hai humne ,Zindagi ke har pehlu ko jana hai humne
Alvida kehkar ja rahe hai dosto ko,kaun jane kab koi mil payega..
Ye pal yuhi gujar jayega,Waqt kaha humare liye tehar payega....


Pal bhar me pal bhar ki bate h,

jo har pal yaad ayegi,

aur pal bhar ki khusi dekar,
Pal bhar me rula jayegi

kya batau is pal k bare me ,

jo pal bhar k liye hi h,

kash har ek pal me wo pal aa jate,

aur har pal ki hasin bana jate....!