A wonderful story: "4 boy friends"...
Once upon a time there was a girl who had four boyfriends.

She loved the 4th boyfriend the most 'n adored him with rich robes 'n treated him to the finest of delicacies. She gave him nothing but the best.

She also loved the 3rd boyfriend very much 'n was always showing him off to neighboring kingdoms. However, she feared that one day he would leave her for another.

She also loved her 2nd boyfriend. He was her confidant 'n was always kind, considerate 'n patient with her. Whenever this girl faced a problem, she could confide in him, 'n he would help her get through the difficult times.

The girls 1st boyfriend was a very loyal partner 'n had made great contributions in maintaining her wealth 'n kingdom. However, she d id not love the first boyfriend. Although he loved her deeply, she hardly took notice of him!

One day, the girl fell ill 'n she knew her time was short. She thought of her luxurious life 'n wondered, I now have four boyfriends with me, but when I die, I'll be all alone.'

Thus, she asked the 4th boyfriend, 'I loved you the most, endowed you with the finest clothing 'n showered great care over you. Now that I'm dying, will you follow me 'n keep me company?'

'No way!', replied the 4th boyfriend, 'n he walked away without another word..

His answer cut like a sharp knife right into her heart.

The sad girl then asked the 3rd boyfriend, 'I loved you all my life. Now that I'm dying, will you follow me 'n keep me company?'

'No!', replied the 3rd boyfriend. 'Life is too good! When you die, I'm going to marry someone else!'

Her heart sank 'n turned cold.

She then asked the 2nd boyfriend, 'I have always
turned to you for help 'n you've always been there for me.

When I die, will you follow me 'n keep me company?'

'I'm sorry, I can't help you out this time!', replied the 2nd boyfriend. 'At the very most, I can only walk with you to your grave.'

His answer struck her like a bolt of lightning, 'n the girl was devastated.

Then a voice called out: 'I'll go with you. I'll follow you no matter where you go..'

The girl looked up, 'n there was his first boyfriend. He was very skinny as he suffered from malnutrition 'n neglect.

Greatly grieved, the girl said, 'I should have taken much better care of you when I had the chance!'

In truth, you have 4 boyfriends in your lives:

Your 4th boyfriend is your body. No matter how much time 'n effort you lavish in making it look good, it will leave you when you die.

Your 3rd boyfriend is your possessions, status 'n wealth.When you die, it will all go to others.

Your 2nd boyfriend is your family 'n friends. No matter how much they have been there for you, the furthest they can stay by you is up to the grave.

'n your 1st boyfriend is your Soul. Often neglected in pursuit of wealth, power 'n pleasures of the world.

However, your Soul is the only thing that will follow you where ever you go.Cultivate, strengthen 'n cherish it now, for it is the only part of you that will follow you to the throne of God 'n continue with you throughout Eternity.

Thought for the day:Remember, when the world pushes you to your knees,you're in the perfect position to pray.

Pass this on to someone you care about - I just did.

Being happy doesn't mean everything's perfect. It means you've decided to see beyond the imperfections.. !


Believe in God !!

Once a boy went to a shop with his mother.

The shop keeper looked at the small cute child and showed him a bottle with sweets

And said 'Dear Child. You can take the sweets

But the child didn't take. The shop keeper was surprised

Such a small child he is and why is he not taking the sweets from the bottle.

Again he said take the sweets.

Now the mother also heard that and said "Take the sweets dear" Yet he didn't take

The shopkeeper seeing the child not taking the sweets

He himself took the sweets and gave to the child.

Believe in God !!
The child was happy to get two hands full of sweets.

While returning home the Mother asked the child

Why didn't you take the sweets, when the shop keeper told you to take..?

Can you guess the response: Child replies

Mom! My hands are very small and if I take the sweets I can only take few..
But now you see when uncle gave with his big hands....
How many more sweets I got!

Moral: When we take we may get little but when God gives

HE gives us more beyond our expectations more than what we can think of.. !!!


My girl and I ♥♥♥

As long as I have been living there has never been a day without you and there never will be

A romantic Korean flick, very emotional at the end is a love story of Su-Eun and Su-Ho, starts with Su-Eun saving Su-Hu from drowning into ocean, after which their love starts increasing w/o any limits, but then something terrible happens. Leukemia overpowers the girl and she is going to die.
Also contains a small love story of grandfather of Su-Ho, which is also the important part of the movie. It ends with leaving Su-Ho alone  :( 

It was not available in English, so I took a risk and went on watching it in Korean only (thank God we have SRT files) and it was narrated so well that I couldn't move from my chair.

A conversation from the movie ---

Su-Ho (boy) ---  They say everyone has their own destiny
 For grandpa, it was my grandmother 
 For my dad, it was my mom.         
 I wish that you could be my destiny. 
Su-Eun (girl)--- Me too, I love u 

Ratings : 7/10


Here comes another piece of perfection by Chetan Bhagat "REVOLUTION 2020". Superb flow with great narration like a movie is being played in front of us. 1 could even imagine the characters .

The novel starts with Chetan Bhagat's speech at Gangatech college , Varanasi after which the Young ,
less educated director of college Mr. Gopal invites Bhagat to a drink at his place .He(Gopal) narrates
him his whole story including Ragav(his friend) , Aarti(his best friend) corruption, backstabbing,
ambition and many other things.

The novel shows the high level of corruption on India and if one tried to remove it , whosoever it
is , is suppressed by people with power.It also contains love and backstabbing mixed with
emotions and ambitions.

I rate it 8/10



This is a true story of Mother’s Sacrifice during the China Earthquake.

After the Earthquake had subsided, when the rescuers reached the ruins of a young woman’s house, they saw her dead body through the cracks. But her pose was somehow strange that she knelt on her knees like a person was worshiping; her body was leaning forward, and her two hands were supporting by an object. The collapsed house had crashed her back and her head.

With so many difficulties, the leader of the rescuer team put his hand through a narrow gap on the wall to reach the woman’s body. He was hoping that this woman could be still alive. However, the cold and stiff body told him that she had passed away for sure.
He and the rest of the team left this house and were going to search the next collapsed building. For some reasons, the team leader was driven by a compelling force to go back to the ruin house of the dead woman. Again, he knelt down and used his had through the narrow cracks to search the little space under the dead body. Suddenly, he screamed with excitement,” A child! There is a child! “
The whole team worked together; carefully they removed the piles of ruined objects around the dead woman. There was a 3 months old little boy wrapped in a flowery blanket under his mother’s dead body. Obviously, the woman had made an ultimate sacrifice for saving her son. When her house was falling, she used her body to make a cover to protect her son. The little boy was still sleeping peacefully when the team leader picked him up.
The medical doctor came quickly to exam the little boy. After he opened the blanket, he saw a cell phone inside the blanket. There was a text message on the screen. It said,” If you can survive, you must remember that I love you.” This cell phone was passing around from one hand to another. Every body that read the message wept. ” If you can survive, you must remember that I love you.” Such is the mother’s love for her child!!

God could not be everywhere and therefore he made mothers.


सूखी झील और उजड़ा दिल

Kaha ek din sookhi jheel ne  ujde dil se

Tu bhi meri terha he 
Dil ne suna ,

Hansa ,

Khuub Hansa ,

Aur Kehny laga

Teri barbaadi he chand dino'n ki

Barsaat aayegi tou tu phir bhar
jaye gi

Khile'n ge teri aarzuo'n k Kamal

Aur jab mujh se koi

Apna Ishq-e-bayan karega

Tou main aur ujar jao'n ga

Ek naya zakhm khao'n ga .. !! 



Its called Annagiri ......

Today 4:15 pm , I stepped out of my house with a spark in my heart , to do something for my country , our country . Kick started my bike and reached Regal Square , Indore .  I was simply amazed to see the crowd , it was huge and was increasing slowly with people coming from  every direction some on lorries , some on bikes , some footslogger , but I was moved when I saw a man with his leg fractured and on the plaster "अन्ना हजारे जिंदाबाद" was written , was unable to click the pic of it due to huge crowd .
As I moved ahead I saw this and I was dumbstruck after seeing his love for the country
Two more minutes in the rally and saw  " ANNA " , INDORI ANNA, his spirit was high , attitude was positive  , and he gave me some positive energy to move ahead and do something for my country
A press cameraman was hanging from Electricity pole to give updates  in newspapers and was performing his duty .
Many Students , kids , adults , aged .. rich , poor were screaming Anna , Lokpal  like out of mind.

Today I witnessed a spark , a spark to create a new society , corruption free
Today I saw a reformed youth ; standing against all odds
Today I saw a revolution ; revolution in myself 
Today I saw a fire within ; to do something , worth remembering for my country
Today I saw desire ; a desire or freedom from all evils of society 
and today I witnessed a new India ; emerging against all evils ....


♥ I don't know why ♥

A touching love story

10th Grade:-
As I sat there in English class,
I stared at the girl next to me.

She was my so called 'best friend'.

I stared at her long, silky hair,

and wished she was mine.

But she didn't notice me like that,

and I knew it.

After class,

she walked up to me and asked me for

the notes she had missed the day before.

I handed them to her.She said 'thanks'

and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

I want to tell her, I want her to know

that I don't want to be just friends,

I love her but I'm just too shy,

and I don't know why.

11th grade:-

The phone rang. On the other end,

it was her. She was in tears,

mumbling on and on about how

her love had broke her heart.

She asked me to come over

because she didn't want to be alone, So I did.

As I sat next to her on the sofa, I stared at her

soft eyes, wishing she was mine.

After 2 hours, one Drew Barrymore movie,

and three bags of chips,

she decided to go home.

She looked at me, said 'thanks'

and gave me a kiss

on the cheek..I want to tell her,

I want her to know that

I don't want to be just friends,

I love her but I'm just too shy,

and I don't know why.

Senior year:-

One fine day she walked to my locker.

"My date is sick" she said,

"hes not gonna go" well,

I didn't have a date, and in 7th grade,

we made a promise that

if neither of us had dates,

we would go together just as 'best friends'.

So we did.

That night, after everything was over,

I was standing at her front door step.

I stared at her as She smiled at me

and stared at me with her crystal eyes.

Then she said- "I had the best time, thanks!"

and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

I want to tell her,

I want her to know

that I don't want to be just friends,

I love her but I'm just too shy,

and I don't know why.


A day passed, then a week, then a month.

Before I could blink, it was graduation day.

I watched as her perfect body

floated like an angel

up on stage to get her diploma.

I wanted her to be mine-but

she didn't notice me like that, and I knew it.

Before everyone went home,

she came to me in her smock and hat,

and cried as I hugged her.

Then she lifted her head from my shoulder

and said- 'you're my best friend,

thanks' and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

I want to tell her,

I want her to know

that I don't want to be just friends,

I love her but I'm just too shy,

and I don't know why.


Now I sit in the pews of the church.

That girl is getting married now.

and drive off to her new life,

married to another man.

I wanted her to be mine,

but she didn't see me like that,

and I knew it.

But before she drove away,

she came to me and said 'you came !'.

She said 'thanks' and kissed me on the cheek.

I want to tell her,

I want her to know

that I don't want to be just friends,

I love her but I'm just too shy,

and I don't know why.


Years passed, I looked down at the coffin

of a girl who used to be my 'best friend'.

At the service, they read a diary entry

she had wrote in her high school years.

This is what it read:

'I stare at him wishing he was mine,

but he doesn't notice me like that,

and I know it.

I want to tell him,

I want him to know that

I don't want to be just friends,

I love him but I'm just too shy,

and I don't know why.

I wish he would tell me he loved me !

'I wish I did too...'

I thought to my self, and I cried.

if you love someone tell them now... before its too late ♥ love them like there is no tomorrow... ♥


Ultimate comedy in a software MNC , inspired by SHOLEY

Gabbar  sends Kaalia and two others to Ramgad  to collect the loot-maar software he had ordered.
They reach Ramgad and started shouting:
 "Abe O thakur! Kahan hai woh loot-maar software?   Last date to kab  ka nikal gaya ".  
Thakur [with anger]:
"Chillao mat!
jaakar Gabbar se  kah do ki Thakur Software walon ne paagal kutton ke liye software banana  bund kar diya hai."
"Bahoot garmi dikha rahe ho thakur?
Koi naye programmers hire kiye hain kya?"
"Nazar uttha ke dekh, Kaalia, tere sar par powerbuilder chal raha hai."

Kaalia looks up and sees Viru (Dharmendra) working on a PC
 on one Water tank and Jay (Amitabh) on another, using a laptop.  
Kaalia Starts Laughing and says:
"Ha ha... thakur ne  freshers ko  liya
 hai, Ye log Programming karenge?   In ko to DOS commands  bhi nahin   aate."
Veeru shouts:
"Chup-chaap chala ja kutte.
Hum log consultants hain, Kuch bhi kar sakte hain."  
Jay hits his keyboard,then says:
"jaao kaalia, Gabbar se kahna ki uska server down ho gaya ."


"Kitne bugs the?"
"Do sarkaar."
"Wo do! Aur tum teen. Phir bhi fix nahi kar sake? Kya soch key aaye ho? Gabbar bahoot khush hoga?   Naya assignment dega ...aur increment bhi? Iski saza milegi... barobar milegi."
[Snatches an X terminal from Sambaa].
"Kitne sessions hain is machine mein?"
"Chhey sarkaar."
"Session chhey aur programmer teen. Bahoot naainsaafi hai."   [logout - logout - logout].  "Haan ab theek hai... ab  tera kya  hoga"  Kaalia?"
"Sarkaar, maine aapka code likha tha."
"To ab documentation kar!    
Ha...... Ha...... Ha...... Ha...... Ha...... Ha......




Journey of life with "FRIENDS"

Some beautiful lines "ज़िन्दगी में दोस्त नहीं मिला करते , बल्कि दोस्तों में ज़िन्दगी मिला करती है "
Really  true lines said by someone . I can feel life when I am with my friends , real meaning of FRIEND is LIFE, no friend no life. Since childhood I am blessed with some very true friends , pure at heart and divine nature.
This post is entirely dedicated to those friends of my life with whom I shared even a single piece of bread I had and will keep on this spirit within me forever.

"Friend" is synonym for GOD and I had a meeting with that God when I was in 9th standard , I met SHUBHAM KOTHARI.

Initially we didn't gel well but as time moved on we grew up and understood each other and our frnshp started to grew more stronger, it grew  more strong when in 11th standard TOSIF and TANMAY joined  usand we became a group of  4 having  last 4 seats reserved for us during 11th class and first 4 seats during 12th.
Form then onwards we had many nightouts , studied together , celebrated , partyed ,had fights , laughs and spent some moments that are not expressible  in words .
Cannot forget lunch we had together in school "सबके बेंगान मैंने ही खाए थे" and the computer lab from where we hacked term exam papers  ;) 
I hit on the girl who was Shubham's crush and messed up with her.

But as time moved on we passed out from the school , but even after passing out and selecting diferent colleges we weren't separated , still we had fun and are enjoying our life together till now  , which means a lot to me .
Can't forget that nightout @ shubham's flat  after Engineering results... .... .... what a night it was  .. unending full of vomits and fun .. can't express it here...

In college I met ISHAN and  SHREY , some of the awesome-st buddies of my life  . Me and shrey had a fight and that too a big 1 , he tore my shirt badly , but who cares , we patched up again in fraction of seconds .We had a lots of blast together in our college bus    " ४ नंबर " cracked nonsense jokes , laughed unnecessary on girls , Bunked college 1000 times , and  messing up with teachers and strikes in college was  our routine.
One of the most exciting road trip of my life to ROHTANG and SHIRDI was with them only. 
We studied together for nights not really "STUDY", but talked of nonsense things for nights , had maggie and pohe  during nights and days.. etc
4 years of engineering with both of them were very special and memorable.
During "AARAMBH 1 and AARAMBH 2 "  most precious moments with them.
These 2 are most precious gifts  to me by my college .

Even if I took rebirth I cannot forget RATAN aka Rocky , the ultimate guy I ever met before, बेमतलब पंगे , फ़ोकट की हसी मज़ाक थिल्वाई  और उत्पतंग हरकते .
Had first booze of my life with him only 
I can say proudly that "यही बन्दे का हाथ है मुझे बिगाड़ने में  ! " but still जिगर का छल्ला है मेरे ! 
Jumped from college building minor fracture , messed up with faculties many times , bunked classes , bajrangi da ki gumti ... regal k parathe  can't forget ...

These lines are dedicated to you  6  best buddies  :-

I promise to tease you when you r happy and tease even more when you are sad
I promise to take money from you and never return it back
I promise to take your food and runaway even if you are hungary
I promise to call you late at night and say "चल उठ मुझे नींद नहीं आ रही "
I promise to kill you if you don't wanna friend with me any more

above all
I  promise to be your friend for the rest of my life and do all silly things to irritate to , just to see you smile.. :-)

    1:33 AM  
    Gudnite and happy frndshp day .


45 THINGS A GIRL WANT, BUT WON'T ASK FOR .. Must Read for all boyz.

  1. Touch her waist.
  2. Actually talk to her.
  3. Share secrets with her.
  4. Give her your jacket.
  5. Kiss her slowly.
  6. Hug her.
  7. Hold her.
  8. Laugh with her.
  9. Invite her somewhere.
  10. Hangout with her and your friends together.
  11. Smile with her.
  12. Take pictures with her.
  13. Pull her onto your lap.
  14. When she says she loves you more, deny it. Fight back.
  15. When her friends say “I love her more than you”, deny it. Fight back and hug her tight so she can’t get to her friends. It makes her feel loved.
  16. Always hug her and say I love you whenever you see her.
  17. Kiss her unexpectedly.
  18. Hug her from behind around the waist.
  19. Tell her she’s beautiful.
  20. Tell her the way you feel about her.
  21. Open doors for her, walk her to her car - it makes her feel protected, plus it never hurts to act like a gentleman.
  22. Tell her she’s your everything - only if you mean it.
  23. If it seems like there is something wrong, ask her - if she denies something being wrong, it means SHE DOESN’T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT - so just hug her.
  24. Make her feel loved.
  25. Kiss her in front of OTHER girls you know!
  26. Don’t lie to her.
  27. DON’T cheat on her.
  28. Take her ANYWHERE she wants.
  29. Text message or call her in the morning and tell her have a good day at school, and how much you miss her.
  30. Be there for her whenever she needs you, and even when she doesn’t need you, just be there so she’ll know that she can always count on you.
  31. Hold her close when she’s cold so she can hold you too.
  32. When you are alone hold her close and kiss her.
  33. Kiss her on the cheek; (it will give her the hint that you want to kiss her).
  34. While in the movies, put your arm around her and then she will automatically put her head on your shoulder, then lean in and tilt her chin up and kiss her lightly.
  35. Don’t ever tell her to leave even jokingly or act like you’re mad. If she’s upset, comfort her.
  36. When people diss her, stand up for her.
  37. Look deep into her eyes and tell her you love her.
  38. Lay down under the stars and put her head on your chest so she can listen to the steady beat of your heart, link your fingers together while you whisper to her as she rests her eyes and listens to you.
  39. When walking next to each other grab her hand.
  40. When you hug her, hold her in your arms as long as possible.
  41. Call or text her at night to wish her sweet dreams.
  42. Comfort her when she cries and wipe away her tears.
  43. Take her for long walks at night.
  44. Always remind her how much you love her.
  45. Sit on top of her and tell her how much you love her and then bend down to her face and kiss her while you’re sitting on her.

You’ll never know when she needs just a little more love


जन्म दिन मुबारक हो कसाब !!

शायद ये गोरखधंधे हैं उस उनके वाले आसन के ,
वे सैंतालिस के नेहरु थे ,ये नेहरु हैं इस शासन के,
उन को भी नोबल प्यारा था,इन को भी नोबल प्यारा है, 
तब भी भारत ही हारा था,अब भी भारत ही हारा है....

तब भी भारत हारा था और अब भी भारत हारा हैँ....
तब भी माँए रोयी थी और अब भी माँए रो रही है....
तब भी देश गुलाम है और अब भी देश गुलाम है....
फर्क बस अब इतना है...
पहले ब्रिटेन हमारा शासक था और अब इटली हमारा संचालक है....

Dr . Kumar Vishwas 

I m really very pissed off with this MANMOHAN and SONIYA government ...Many promises were made after 26/11 , were r those promises , Mumbai ATC messed up and same with Mumbai police ..



Best Moments in Life

 Best Moments in Life:

* To fall in love.

* To laugh until it hurts your stomach.

* To find mails by the thousands when you return from a vacation.

* To go for a vacation to some pretty place.

* To listen to your favorite song in the radio.

* To go to bed and to listen while it rains outside.

* To leave the! shower and find that the towel is warm.

* To clear your last exam.

* To find money in a pant that you haven't used since last year .

* To laugh at yourself looking at mirror, making faces.smile.

* Calls at midnight that last for hours.smile.

* To laugh without a reason.

* To accidentally hear somebody say something good about you.

* To wake up and realize it is still possible to sleep for a couple of hours.

* To hear a song that makes you remember a special person.

* To be part of a team.

* To watch the sunset from the hill top.

* To make new friends.

* To feel butterflies! in the stomach every time that you see that person.

* To pass time with your best friends.

* To see people that you like, feeling happy.

* To use a sweater of the person that you like and find that it still smells of their perfume.

* See an old friend again and to feel that the things have not changed.

* To take an evening walk along the beach.

* To have somebody tell you that he/she loves you.

* To laugh .......laugh........and laugh ...... remembering stupid things done with stupid friends.

These are the best moments of life....

Let us learn to cherish them.

"Life is not a problem to be solved, but a gift to be enjoyed"


♥ ♥... A small luv story... ♥ ♥

A boy and a girl Loved each other very much.
Unfortunately the Girl Died..

...Boy was Upset so much;
and he couldn't Stop his Tears.
...He kept on Crying Day and Night..:'(

Many People gave Sympathy,
but no Argument could Stop His Tears.

One Night He Slept and had a Dream;
He saw the Girl in Heaven with so many Girls of Her age.
He felt Relax..

But He Noticed that every Girl was in Fairy Dress;
and had a Lightened Candle in their Hands,
but his GF had a Candle which was not Lightened..!

He asked Her:
"Y Ur Candle is not Lightened?"

She said:
"Whenever I enlighten My Candle;
Ur Tears fall on it..!
Please Stop Crying.."

-True Love cares forever..♥


Important Bricks Thrown at you

About ten years ago, a young and very successful executive named Josh was traveling down a Chicago neighborhood street. He was going a bit too fast in his sleek, black, 12 cylinder Jaguar XKE, which was only two months old.  

He was watching for kids darting out from between parked cars and slowed down when he thought he saw something. As his car passed, no child darted out, but a brick sailed out and - WHUMP! - it smashed Into the Jag's shiny black side door! SCREECH..!!!! Brakes slammed! Gears ground into reverse, and tires madly spun the Jaguar back to the spot from where the brick had been thrown.  Josh jumped out of the car, grabbed the kid and pushed him up against a parked car. He shouted at the kid, "What was that all about and who are you? Just what the heck are you doing?!" Building up a head of steam, he went on. "That's my new Jaguar, that brick you threw is gonna cost you a lot of money. Why did you throw it?"  

"Please, mister, please. . . I'm so sorry! I didn't know what else to do!" Pleaded the youngster. "I threw the brick because no one else would stop!" Tears were dripping down the boy's chin as he pointed around the parked car. "It's my brother, mister," he said. "He rolled off the curb and fell out of his wheelchair and I can't lift him up." Sobbing, the boy asked the executive, "Would you please help me get him back into his wheelchair? He's hurt and he's too heavy for me."  

Moved beyond words, the young executive tried desperately to swallow the rapidly swelling lump in his throat. Straining, he lifted the young man back into the wheelchair and took out his handkerchief and wiped the scrapes and cuts, checking to see that everything was going to be OK. He then watched the younger brother push him down the sidewalk toward their home.

  It was a long walk back to the sleek, black, shining, 12 cylinder Jaguar XKE — a long and slow walk. Josh never did fix the side door of his Jaguar. He kept the dent to remind him not to go through life so fast that someone has to throw a brick at him to get his attention.  

Some bricks are softer than others. Feel for the bricks of life coming at to you. For every half-empty glass, we have to remind ourselves, the glass is also half-full.



किसे यहाँ ख़ुशी मिली पूरी-पूरी,सबने तो जिंदगी जी है अधूरी
राहों में ही हार मान बैठे,और फिर कहते है मजबूरी है मेरी!!
चाहते हो लहरों का मजा,पर ढूब जाने के डर से समुन्दर में नही जाती कश्ती तेरी,
हर चीज़ थोड़ी थोड़ी कर ली,किसी ने नही जाना क्यों पूरी न हुई तम्मना तेरी!!

बचपन जिया जवानी के इन्तेजार में,जवानी आई तो बचपन को रो दिया,
सिरहाने रखी माँ की तस्वीर और महबूब की बाहों में रो दिया!!
हिसाब लगाया जब फुर्सत में तो पता चला,
क्या जिंदगी से पाया और क्या क्या खो दिया!!

जिसने कहा था, ये राह चुन लो अच्छी है,
आज उसी राह में,उसी को खो दिया,
ज़माने को रास्ता दिखाया था, जिन आँखों से,
आज उन्ही आँखों से,ज़माने को भुला दिया!!

तनहा रोती रह गयी खुशिया मेरी,
और मैंने गमो को ही जिंदगी समझ लिया!!
कितनी बड़ी भूल हो गयी यारो,
जिन्दी को मौत, और मौत को जिंदगी समझ लिया!!


Brilliant Engineer of Nature

Straight line
Leaving the end part to hang the house
Measuring distances

Folding the leaf -- real art

  From beneath
Holding two side together

 Using right side to hold and left side to fold..!

House is now hanging to keep enemies out

isn't it the Best Engineering???